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All of our barrel products are made from recycled USED food grade barrels

By using these barrels to manufacture our products, we are not only protecting our environment by keeping them out of our already over stressed landfills, but also by providing desirable and highly conservation minded products for our customers.  We feel customers that buy and use our products, are creating a
Conservation Double Whammy. 

Orders can be placed by phone Toll Free @ 877-888-5609 or through our on-line shopping cart.

Hours of Office Operation
Monday - Friday 8am to 4:30pm CDT
Easy Cart Open 24/7

We only ship to the Continental 48 states.

Earth Minded 45 Gallon
 Recycled Rain Barrel. Use with the planter top, or closed top.
An automatic Flex Fit downspout diverter is included!
List :
Our Price: $109.95

With FREE Shipping



50 Gallon Rain Barrels
List Price: $124.95
Our Sale Price:
As Low As


With FREE Shipping

60 Gallon Rain Barrels
List Price: $139.95
Our Sale Price:
As Low As


With FREE Shipping

White Oak Rain Barrels

As Low As$229.00

With FREE Shipping


White Oak Trash Can
List Price:  $319.00
Our Sale Price:
With Free Shipping



Barrel Furniture

Barrel Sinks, Barrel Tables.
Coffee Tables
Checker Tables
Chess Tables etc....

Click Picture to see Prices!



Jack Daniels
Branded and Engraved
Whiskey Barrels


With Free Shipping

Recycle Containers
List Price: $129.95

Our Sale Price:  $99.95
With Free Shipping

Single Western Red Cedar Rain Barrel Potting Bench
As low as

With Free Shipping



Single Composter
List Price: $249.95
Our Sale Price:
With Free Shipping

Double Composter
List Price: $469.95
Our Sale Price:
With Free Shipping




These barrels will have some scratches and scrapes but are still water tight.

Free Shipping!


Flex Fit  Diverter
List Price: $31.95
Our Sale Price:
when ordered with a
rain barrel




White Oak Party Barrel
List Price:  $349.00
Our Sale Price:

With Free Shipping

       Gravity Barrel Feeders
       List Price:  $99.95
      Our Sale Price:
       With Free Shipping


Terra Cotta Planters
10" tall--23" Diameter
with hand holds
Package of 3  $59.95
Package of 5  $69.95

With Free Shipping
E-Mail us your Logo, or picture, or drawing for a custom quote.
We will send you back pricing, and a picture of how your head would look.
Prices start @
St Joseph Home Sales Kits
Starting @ $7.95

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Rain Barrel Soaker Hoses

50 Foot  $34.95

Rain Barrel Irrigation kits

With Free Shipping!

Kit contains: 

50'-Soaker Hose
25'-Mainline Poly Tubing
1-200 Mesh Tee Filter
1-Female Hose End


Every body loves our whiskey barrel products!!

" Oh What a Beautiful Morning"

When purchasing a barrel product or other item from this site,
your charge will read from

 "Midwest Internet Sales"
For information call Toll Free:  1-877-888-5609

Rain Barrels and More manufactures and sells plastic and white oak rain barrels,
 rain chains, composters, water collection systems, recycling containers, white oak trash cans, deer feeders, white oak drink coolers, white oak water gardens, and downspout diverter systems.


Click on pictures to view and to order these products
or call us Toll Free
1- 877-888-5609 to order

About our
Plastic Barrel Products

All of our plastic barrel products are made from re-cycled food grade barrels. These plastic barrels
 come into this country from Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and India, and have
traveled many thousands of miles.  Even though we have thoroughly cleaned them inside
and out, and applied several coats of a UV polish, they may still have
some small scratches and scrapes. This should be considered as part
of the "character" of the recycled barrels.

Our plastic barrels have a screw on top with one inch holes, screen mesh to keep out debris and
mosquitoes, three top overflow male hose connections with caps, a nylon spigot,
and a bottom drain plug. The overflow fittings allow excess water to be diverted
into a second barrel (or third, or fourth etc.), or by attaching hoses, excess water
can be diverted to remote areas such as a garden or flower beds. A rain water diverter
can also be attached to one of these overflow connections.

The nylon spigot is shipped inside the barrel and will need to be screwed onto the
pre-installed plastic fitting by the customer. The nylon spigot can be interchanged
with the bottom drain plug if desired.



For CURRENT Plastic barrel installation instructions click here!

About our
White Oak Barrel
Our White Oak Barrels are made from used whiskey and wine barrels.
These barrels gives your gardening and water catching needs that old-time
rustic look and feel.  They are made from real white oak, and the bands are
steel.  The barrels are also great eye catchers and conversation pieces, as well
as completely functional for just about anything you would need, and are available
in other miscellaneous products, such as trash collection barrels, party barrels,
and can even be used as planters for the decorative flower gardens to put in your lawn.

The White Oak barrels are designed to be used outdoors, with three overflow connections,
a brass spigot, and a drain plug, and can also be linked together up to 3 barrels per barrel.
The barrels are closed system barrels with a 2" by 3" hole cut in the lid, and the overflows are
designed to fit any standard garden hose to make it easier to redirect the overflow
to where it needs to go.  Each barrel has a 53 gallon capacity.

Installation instructions for white oak rain barrel

Installation instructions for PUMP white oak barrels click here

                Click on pictures to view and to order these products
or call us Toll Free
 1- 877-888-5609 to order

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Our promise to our customers

We ABSOLUTELY do NOT use, sell or share your personal
information with anyone for any reason!!!

We Do Wholesale Pricing
"Rain Barrels and More" welcomes inquiries for wholesale quantity pricing from
water conservation organizations, nurseries,  municipalities and other
ecology conscience organizations.


Soil and Water Conservation District rain barrel sale



Whiskey barrel trash cans going to the Okefenokee Swamp Park

For additional information or questions contact us at the link below

For more Information, Contact Us
or 1- 877-888-5609
or by email


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